Thursday, September 16, 2010

Toppling boxes of rice

I arrived in Port au Prince today and am having a great time.

I got a chance to ride on top of a truck on the top of a hundred boxes of rice, which if you have driven here you know is a sketchy proposal at best. My friend, Bryn, as well as the guys from his compound, of which I will speak more soon, got word about a big pile of food that had been delivered. They picked it up and came by to grab me from the soccer game I was watching. I climbed way up on top of the cardboard boxes held on by thin twine. Then we drove to a tent village nearby.

It was the first speed bump that nearly killed us but we made it to the camp. There was an instant rush but because everybody knew Bryn they formed a line and the truck was soon empty. The kids were so cool. Some asked if I could come back before I left Haiti to give them my Bahia football club jersey I was wearing. I told them that I was pretty sure they did not want to see my fat, blanc belly.

I could tell by the way so many kids were waving and yelling, "Bryn! Bryn!" that he had spent lots of time there. But even more than that, I knew he cared for them greatly by how he answered each kid back using each of their names, "hey Donaldson, hi Tomas..."

This portion of my trip is great. I type this from the rooftop of a building overlooking the entire city. Lightning flashes and the UN camp to my left is blaring Italian techno from it's weight room. There are Israeli and Palestinian UN groups here that hate each other but I hear the Italian commander is holding a peace party tomorrow night.

In the morning I go to three schools to read Hope for Haiti. One is for kids abandoned after the quake, another is for developmentally disabled kids and the last is for handicapped kids who were injured in the earthquake.

Thank you, God, for letting me come to see my family here in Haiti. They will always be in my heart.

One love

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