Tuesday, September 14, 2010

in the service of Youth

(forgive spelling or typos, this is quick and dirty in case the connection drops:)

Today I had a chance to help out in prep for a World Vision conference of local Haitian youth services workers. They are the folks who spend all day travelling way way way out to the edge of the world to bring food and medicine to kids. They have charts on the nutritional status of each of the kids they take care of and make sure there is no abuse at home, that the kids are going to school, when available, and giving them opportunities to stay healthy and positive. And these are not "blancs" or foreigners, they are just everyday people who care about the future of Haiti. They are teachers, carpenters, engineers, drivers, etc, who see the value in assisting the youth who are caught in the well established cycle of poverty. You grow up like this, chances are you are malnourished, you catch typhoid, you wind up illiterate, and what future do you have? The same one your parents had. So what about your future kids?

So, the solution? Local people breaking the cycle! Right on! This is so great. It is not dolling out aid cart blanche, or pity pittance, this is proactive works that can be documented in the progression of a community. The locals who we asked about these folks just smiled and said, "These guys? Pshhh. Ask anyone in the village. They will give you the same answer. They are humble people who work hard for our children."

A good report.

I did not bring my computer so I cannot upload any pics right now. Sorry. Next time I will not make that mistake. But, for now, words will suffice. Oh, and anybody know if a large, very flat looking spider in Haiti is poisonous? Meh. Probably not... It looks like it just wants to lie under my bed and have a nap. No worries.

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