Sunday, September 12, 2010

hot beautiful hot beautiful

Short post, as my internet is more difficile to find than I had hoped.

A. Road construction. Crazy Port au Prince was sharply contrasted by a lonnnnnnnnng drive into the interior, up to the high plateau, to a city called Hinch.

Today, after an eleven second rest (no sleep for me on the overnight flight. doh) I went to a youth center and had an AWESOME visit with around 24 kids from Hinch. We read the book in Kreyol, talked about Haiti and America, and I ended up asking them lots of questions, and they asked me lots of questions. Tomorrow we meet to play soccer and distribute the equipment you guys helped me bring. They are very smart kids with cutting, insightful questions. I got video but perhaps the sound will be poor because of the need for like ten fans going the entire time.

It is hot. It is beautiful. It is hot.

Sweatily yours,



  1. Hope you can get some sleep. We are all enjoying your updates (no matter how brief).

  2. Jesse, this is so so so awesome! I wish I had seen all these posts as you posted them (but hey, I was in Bali, I can't complain). I hope you recovered from the heat. We know what that feels like in SE Asia. Okay, I gotta go back to reading the rest now.