Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Goat meat, liver, brain, and...

Goat meat, liver, brain, and.... mental images of the adorable little baby goats (yeah, kids, I know, but I am not saying KID when talking about dinner. Sorry.) that are running around everywhere here. Tastes great, though.

My experience with Haitian food has been fairly similar to Jamaica's, but without much spicy factor. (Dang. I should have brought my own hot sauce... something I am having to do more and more these days.) Some typical items would include:
- rice and beans, of course
- fried plantain, of course
- green banana, boiled
- mango
- peanut butter that is mixed with oil and chilies
- grapefruit marmalade
- guinea fowl
- chicken
- pumpkin soup
- goat
- noodles with olive oil, herring, and peppers
- instant coffee, d'oh
- beer (Prestige is amazing. A world class lager!)
- and, as often as possible, dlo (water)

In a way similar to time spent in Jamaica, having lots of rice, beans, green banana, plantain makes me feel very strong. When I was in Jamaica, I kept telling my wife every day that I felt better than I had ever felt. I have no doubt that was (mostly) due to the diet.

Uh oh.... flickering power. Gotta post this right away or lose it forever.

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  1. My husband was just saying at dinner the other night that he is going to start carrying around hot sauce for places that don't have it. In fact, he asked if I could store it in my purse. I told him to get his own purse, but it's funny to see this right after we had that conversation.